Thursday, August 10, 2006

Issue Raised: Timing, coincidence, and our administrations “War on Terror”

Timing, coincidence, and our administrations “War on Terror”

What exactly is being accomplished by the current administrations “War on Terror”? From my perspective, the rise of hatred towards the American people and their allies is growing at a rapid pace. Groups aligning with, or emulating, Al Qaeda are growing, their resources are widening, and their support is spreading through massive populations like wildfire. This activity is a direct result of our own invasions and terrorist activities, and the support for those who feel strengthened in the understanding that the US will stand behind them. As a result, we, the American people, are ever larger targets of hatred and terrorism. But in Bush’s imperialistic delirium we are apparently “safer today than before 9/11”.

What bewilders me is that such high numbers of our population gets caught in the spin, allowing themselves to be brainwashed into believing this propaganda and refusing to notice the correlation between the so called “Red Alerts” and terrorist discoveries with the failures of the administrations policies and the losses of the Republican party: the Israel and Lebanese conflict has somehow disappeared from the headlines; the failures in Iraq are diminished; the wavering of support not only by the people but by the politicians who previously aligned themselves with the Administrations policies; and let’s not forget the impending elections! None of this could have any influence on the timing of today’s “discovery”, right?